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The Landes de Gascogne forest is a unique setting on several levels: environmental, economic and social.
Every year, 5 million people take advantage of this splendid "green lung", and this tourist pressure has sharply increased over the past ten years or so. Alongside this development, it is essential that we keep our forests open to everyone, while maintaining a high level of protection.

DFCI Aquitaine receives support from forest owners who financially participate in prevention efforts by paying an annual tax set at a minimum of €2.3 per hectare; this tax is used to finance necessary development work.

Europe, the French government and territorial and local authorities also subsidize forest fire prevention activities.

These activities, carried out in the Landes de Gascogne forest, are currently calling for collective mobilization. Faced with decreased public funding, DFCI Aquitaine must continue to take action to protect this environment, which benefits us all. Without this active prevention, the forest would without a doubt be engulfed in flames, as is now the case in several regions around the world.

To continue its action over the long term, DFCI Aquitaine needs support from as many people as possible. Whether you are a private individual or a company, you can provide financial support or become a partner: all forms of support help us take concrete action in the field.

Eighty percent of funds are currently used for general interest missions related to forest development: construction of bridges and ditches, creation and upgrading of trails and water supply points, set-up of signs, as well as information and awareness-raising among various publics.

You can help protect this exceptional environment by sending your donations to:

6 Parvis des Chartrons

You can also contact us:
Tel. : +33 5 57 85 40 42 - fax : +33 5 57 85 40 26 - email :

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La forêt est un milieu fragile, protégez-la.